Top Reasons to opt for Faux Marble Lamps and Light Fittings

Marble table and wall lamps, wall sconces and ceiling lights add timeless beauty and elegant style to any working or living environment. The sheer weight, lack of flexibility and price of natural stone does, however, often restrict the use of natural marble. This is where faux marble comes into play. Here are some of the top reasons to opt for faux marble lamps and light fittings.

Reasons to Choose Faux Marble Lamps & Light Fittings

Manufactured using various high performance modified resins including acrylic and cross-linked acrylic, as well as PETG, faux marble has several advantages over natural stone. These advantages include:

Weight – Faux marble is significantly lighter than natural stone, making it possible to install marble lamps/light fittings in environments where weight restrictions make use of natural stone impossible (download data sheet).

Flexibility – Hard-wearing, tough and durable, faux marble is also extremely flexible and can be moulded, cut or drilled to any desired shape, curve, size and design. This, of course, makes it possible to create a limitless range of differently shaped/sized light fittings suitable for any application.

Versatility – Available in a wide range of beautiful, unique patterns, colours and finishes, faux marble is extremely versatile and can be used within any type of environment and to create marble lamps/light fittings to match any decor/interior design style (view swatches).

Finally, faux marble light fittings can be created at a fraction of the price of natural stone – making it possible to add style, beauty and elegance to any residential or commercial environments without fear of breaking the bank.

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