Amberlite Touch - Taking translucency to another level

Turn your vision into reality with our NEW Amberlite Touch range.

From statement creating, comment invoking and totally unique bespoke designs to striking geometric patterns, this exclusive range is designed to enhance Amberlite’s natural beauty.

Beautiful to touch and gorgeous to look at with exquisite translucency as a standard. Chose your patterns and colours to create something completely new or select one of the stunning designs below for smaller projects. 

Our samples policy.

In the first instance you can request a maximum of three samples only and these are provided free of charge to any UK address. We can of course offer further samples for evaluation as the scheme develops. For requests outside the UK there is a standard shipping charge. Our standard sample size is 100 x 100 and samples can be ordered by clicking this link which will open your email client but do not forget to include your full contact details and a telephone number as samples are sent by courier and a telephone number is required.

In return all we ask for is feedback!

Renaissance 1
Renaissance 2
Renaissance 3
Nature 1
Nature 2
Nature 3
Gothic 1
Gothic 2
Geometric 1
Geometric 2
Geometric 3