Amberlite Backlit Stone - The Perfect Solution to Creating Breath-Taking Commercial Interiors Without Design Restrictions or Breaking the Bank.

With the appearance of natural stone but with the design flexibility of a man-made material.
Now you can design without restrictions at a fraction of the cost of solid stone, which allows Amberlite to be used in situations that would otherwise be weight or cost prohibitive.

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What Is Amberlite?

Amberlite combines the variation often associated with natural stone with the versatility of a man-made material.

Amberlite is NOT produced by machine but hand eye coordination, using modern materials to create bespoke design ensuring each batch is as unique as the next.

Amberlite provides the appearance of natural stone without the hefty price tag and unleashes a different design experience as Amberlite is not just a flat panel material. 

Amberlite can be offered formed and shaped to almost any design and it is lightweight allowing Amberlite to be used in weight restrictive applications such as skylights and false ceilings too.

Through our distributorship network we can now offer Amberlite standard sized 2440 x 1220 x 8mm panels from UK stock for immediate delivery.

Design Freedom

As any shape, curve or design can be created through moulding, curving, sculpting, cutting and/or drilling, this material allows for the creation of exquisite interiors with restriction-free, cost-effective freedom of design.

Extremely durable and available with optional heat & scratch resistant; non-porous and/or food-safe top coatings, Amberlite faux stone panels are perfect for a wide range of functional & commercial settings and can be used to add a spectacular touch any environment.

Amberlite Backlit Stone

Combining to stunning perfection with our low maintenance/power LED panels (which have no bright spot/heat generation issues and keep running and maintenance costs minimal), Amberlite Backlit Alabaster, Backlit Marble and Backlit Onyx panels enable you to transform your interiors into spaces of magnificent beauty at a fraction of the cost and weight of real stone.

Available Finishes & Standard Sheet Thicknesses Amberlite Backlit Marble, Backlit Onyx and Backlit Alabaster panels are available in smooth or textured, polished or matt finishes and standard sheet thicknesses including:
  • 6mm (11kg/sqm)
  • 8mm (14kg/sqm)
  • 10mm (18kg/sqm)
  • 12mm (22kg/sqm)

The Amberlite Range

We offer a standard range of Amberlite panels, with a sample of the range shown here, but can also work on very specific requests for colours and patterns, if required.

Our Work


Founded by Giovanni Quaglino in 1929, Quaglino’s in London has a rich history of being the go-to venue for celebrities and Royalty. Princess Margaret had her own table permanently reserved for her.

So many highlights of this world-famous bar include the time Barbara Cartland found a pearl in her oyster and Judy Garland’s marriage celebrations.

In 2014, the restaurant was relaunched and featured a simply stunning bar. We were very proud to be commissioned to produce this piece, considering the gravity of the location.

In keeping with Quaglino’s tradition, Prince Harry was one of the first to enjoy this most spectacular dining destination.

Amberlite Touch - the textured collection...

We are delighted to announce that we are now also able to offer Amberlite Backlit Stone with a textured finish, which can be applied to all styles and colours within our popular Amberlite range.

Offering both translucency and texture, our NEW Amberlite Touch Range takes translucency to another level to help you turn your interior design vision into breath-taking reality.

Offering anything from totally unique, bespoke designs to striking Geometric, Renaissance and Gothic; Nature, Block, Mesh and Contemporary patterns, this exclusive collection is designed to enhance the natural beauty of Amberlite Backlit Alabaster, Amberlite Backlit Marble and Amberlite Backlit Onyx.

Invariably featuring exquisite translucency, stunning to look at and beautiful to touch, Amberlite Touch is available in a selection of 14 gorgeous standard patterns/colours – or you can select your own colours and patterns to create your own, completely new comment-evoking and statement-creating design.

Not just a pretty face as Amberlite can be offered with both faces polished allowing Amberlite to be used in instances where both sides can be viewed such as dividing/privacy screens, door infills and partitions whilst allowing both natural and artificial light to pass through.

Amberlite can be offered customised to suit your design!

If you don’t see anything you like we can produce custom designs, get in touch with us to discuss your personal design requirements.

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