Amberlite Data

Amberlite is manufactured using several high performance modified resins, including, acrylic, cross linked acrylic and PETG.

Standard panel size 2440mm x 1220mm (8 ft x 4ft / 96.06″ x 48.03″) with others available on request.


Amberlite is available in several standard thickness levels:

 6mm   (11kg per sqm) =  1/4″   (2.23 lbs per sq foot) 

• 8mm   (14kg per sqm) =  5/16″ (2.79 lbs per sq foot)

• 10mm (18kg per sqm) =  3/8″   (3.62 lbs per sq foot)

• 12mm (22kg per sqm) =  1/2″   (4.46 lbs per sq foot)

FINISHES: Smooth & textured available. Polished or matt.

with a standard tolerance level of +/- 10% of nominal.

We can also offer a hard UV applied top coating that is non-porous, food safe and scratch resistant.

Amberlite is offered in different thickness options and panel sizes.

Our data sheet can be downloaded by clicking the link below.

Please view the chemical properties and test data for Amberlite below:

Amber-Lite is part of the Translucent Creations family, where many different backlit stone options are available.