Translucent Stone Wall Backlighting Solutions

While an Amberlite translucent stone wall is incredibly beautiful on its own, installations become even more spectacular with the right backlighting solution.

Backlighting Options for Translucent Stone Walls

We currently offer a choice of three backlighting solutions to transforming your translucent stone wall into a thing of magnificent, sparkling beauty:

  • Edge2Edge
  • Ladderlites and
  • Light Tape

The following paragraphs will provide more detailed information on each of these options.


This, our oldest system, consists of 8 or 10 mm thick acrylic panels featuring LEDs embedded – pointing not outwards, but into the acrylic – within their edges. The light generated by these LEDs is carried evenly from side to side via a laser etched groove or dot matrix system. The simplest of our systems to use and install, the Edge2Edge system can frequently be placed immediately behind the panel to be backlit, typically without the need for a diffuser.

The advantages of this system include:

  • Thin 8/10 mm profile
  • 12/24 Volt
  • Long lasting, with an average of 80,000 hours
  • Easy plug & play technology installation
  • Letters & shapes can be created

The disadvantages of this system are that it comes in flat panels only, with a maximum panel size of 3 m x 2 m.


This extremely popular and highly cost-effective system basically consists of “LEDs on a roll”. Somewhat resembling rope ladders, the rolls are, however, configured to precise specifications for any given backlighting application at our factory.

For a translucent wall, they would, for example:

  • Be configured in the most suitable width and height
  • Attached (using appropriate fixing holes) at the top
  • Rolled down & fixed at the bottom

Suitable for both curved and flat surfaces, rolls come with a standard 3-m cable length.

This system’s main advantages are:

  • Exceptional cost-effectiveness
  • Ladders conform automatically to any curve (i.e. curved walls or circular columns)
  • Fast installation/connection – a recent 2400 ‘step’ high, 10 m long installation took less than four hours!
  • Long lasting, with an average of 80,000 hours.

The only disadvantage of this system is that a void/cavity of at least 60 mm is required.

Light Tape

The perfect solution in areas where space is critical, our paper-thin Light Tape is suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Generating zero heat, waterproof as standard and boasting exceptional fire resistance, this system has extremely low running costs (the lowest of all our systems).

Light Tape advantages include:

  • Thinnest LED system profile
  • Zero heat generation
  • Waterproof as standard
  • High fire resistance
  • Extremely low running costs
  • Suitable for interior & exterior use
  • Conforms to any desired shape/curve

The only drawback of this system is that it is comparatively expensive.

Dimming Ability

All our LED backlighting systems are – as standard – dimmable and we can provide compatible drivers suitable for any dimming method.

Learn More

To learn more about and/or discuss the most appropriate option for your project with one of our experts, please contact us online, email us at: or give us a call on 0203 292 0616 today.

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