The Advantages of Amberlite Translucent Wall Panels

Amberlite translucent wall panels are the perfect answer to bringing the beauty of natural stone to any environment. Here is why.

The Problem with Natural Stone

Natural stone invariably adds a touch of timeless beauty, style and elegance to any residential or commercial setting. It does, however, also present interior designers and architects with several problems:

Weight & Cost – The sheer weight (Image 1) and cost (Image 2) of natural stone often prohibit its use due to structural requirements and budget limitations. The cost is further added to by existing surfaces upon which the panels are to be installed requiring costly, labour-extensive preparation.

Properties – Comparatively fragile and brittle, natural stone panels are susceptible to accidental damage during transport/installation, which may add further to a project’s cost. Prone to warping and water/moisture penetration, natural stone also lacks in flexibility, which means it cannot be used to create curves, etc. This, of course, somewhat limits design possibilities.

Environmental Concerns – Stone utilisation per cubic-metre of raw stone is comparatively low, which places considerable demand on natural resources. Variances in colour, tone & patterning of natural stone further increase this demand, as multiple blocks may be required to achieve consistency across larger projects.

Amberlite Translucent Wall Panels

Offering the appearance of natural marble, alabaster or onyx, Amberlite translucent panels are considerably lighter than natural stone (Image 3). Placing much less demand on natural resources, they are also significantly more cost-effective, which means they can be used where use of natural stone would be prohibited by weight or cost.

Available in an extensive range of colours, patterns and finishes (view Swatches), Amberlite faux stone panels not only offer perfect consistency across projects and exquisite translucent qualities but can be created to feature anything from totally bespoke, unique designs to magnificent Block, Contemporary or Geometric; Gothic, Mesh, Nature or Renaissance patterns (Amberlite Touch).

What’s more, this strong, extremely durable material can be used to create any curve, design or shape through curving, cutting, drilling, moulding and/or sculpting. It can also be provided complete with optional non-porous, food safe and/or scratch/heat resistant top coatings.

Subsequently perfect for adding a spectacular touch to any functional setting (residential or commercial), Amberlite faux stone panels are suitable for use on:

  • Walls
  • POS Displays
  • Light Fittings
  • Furniture
  • Columns
  • Ceilings
  • Bar/Counter Tops
  • Bar/Counter Fronts and more

In a nutshell, Amberlite translucent stone panels allow interior designers/architects to create simply stunning, magnificent interiors with cost-effective, restriction-free freedom of design.

The stunning beauty of these panels can be further enhanced with a range of low power/low maintenance back-lighting solutions.

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