Top 5 Advantages of Using Amberlite Faux Stone

Man-made, hand-coloured and naturally translucent, Amberlite Faux Stone is an increasingly popular alternative to natural stone. Here is why.

Advantages of Amberlite Faux Stone – Weight

One of the advantages of Amberlite Faux stone is its light weight in comparison to real, solid stone. A 6-mm thick panel of Amberlite Faux Onyx will, for example, weigh just 11 kg per square metre, whereas a solid onyx panel of the same thickness would weigh 15.9 kg per square metre. A solid alabaster panel would weigh 16.6 kg per square metre. This difference allows Amberlite faux stone panels to be used in buildings where dead load limitations would prohibit use of natural stone.

Advantages of Amberlite Faux Stone – Design Flexibility 

Unlike solid stone, Amberlite faux stone panels are much, much more than simply flat wall panels. Available in a wide range of stunning colours and patterns (including book-matched patterns), this material can be curved, moulded or sculpted, cut and drilled into any desired shape. This endows Amberlite faux stone with virtually limitless design flexibility and makes it the perfect choice for application in difficult spaces or for ambitious designs.

Advantages of Amberlite Faux Stone – Properties

Extremely hardwearing and durable, Amberlite faux stone is scratch and heat resistant, non-porous and food safe. These properties make it the ideal choice for endless functional and commercial applications.

Advantages of Amberlite Faux Stone – Environment

As this is a man-made material, natural resources are preserved, making Amberlite faux stone a more environmentally friendly choice than natural stone.

Advantages of Amberlite Faux Stone – Price

Amberlite faux stone is available at a fraction of the cost of real stone. What’s more, it’s light weight makes it easier to handle and install, which saves on both time and labour cost. This makes it a much more affordable, cost-effective solution.


In short, Amberlite faux stone panels offer limitless, restriction-free freedom of design for truly magnificent interiors without harming the environment or breaking the bank. To learn more and/or discuss your requirements, please do not hesitate to call us on: 0203 292 0616 today.


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