Backlit Countertops for your home

backlit countertops for your home

Backlit countertops for your home help create a home that is inviting. Everyone wants their home to feel cosy and warm and proper lighting can help you achieve this. Lighting is everything and can set whatever mood you are looking to set in your home. One of the most effective ways to set that calm mood is by backlighting your countertops. With their location high enough above the floor, but lower than the ceiling, backlit countertops for your home can radiate late from the middle like a lamp. But also far enough back and close to the wall that it gives off more of a glow than direct light. It sets the perfect tone. Amberlite has exactly what you are looking for to light your home the right way.

What Countertops Can Be Backlit?

Just about any countertop can have the proper lighting depending on the layout of your home and the space available. Every Amberlite project is dependent on several factors and no two projects are alike. Countertops can be lit in your kitchen, your bathroom, and in your home bar. If your rooms are able to be fit for LED lights, then it is able to shine.

What Is Amberlite?

Amberlite is a man-made alternative to onyx. Onyx is a hard material that does not have a lot of give or malleability. Amberlite mimics the best parts of onyx with the colour, pattern, and texture of the stone, but with more flexibility.

If you are looking to have a rounded counter in your home or bar, Amberlite can be moulded to curve and take on any shape you desire. Amberlite is lighter than regular stone, so it is easier to install. It is also more cost effective, so you will be saving yourself money by going with Amberlite.

Where Can You Have Backlit Countertops?

If you want backlit countertops for your home, the three most popular places to put them are in the kitchen, the bar, or the bathroom. All three of these places are prime areas to set a soothing mood that only backlit countertops can provide.


In the kitchen, you can put a backlit countertop in your center island. The island will become a source of light that you can keep on in the dark that will make your kitchen shine. With the lights on, it still becomes a fabulous centerpiece in the room that creates a soothing, warm effect.

Having the countertops lit also makes for a better workspace when you are cooking. The backlight gives you better light to see clearer and work without the risk of low light or insufficient light causing an injury.


The best use of a backlit countertop in the bathroom is in the sink area. A lot of bathrooms are designed for their lighting to be over the sink or high up on the ceiling and that causes your image in the mirror to be lit terribly. Overhead light shines down on the tops of our heads causing for the appearance of darkness around the eyes that is not really there. Mirror lighting causes for there to be too much of a concentration of light on just our faces. But with backlit countertop lighting, you can be lit from the side, the bottom, and the top simultaneously. Therefore you can see all of your face in soft light so you can always look your best.

The LED lights will be placed under the sink and around the sink to give you the best possible lighting situation. The backlit countertop also gives your bathroom a serene vibe when your guests or yourself are in there. No one wants to go into a bathroom that is harshly lit.

Home Bar

There is no better way to get people around the bar than to have it backlit. You can not only light up underneath the bartop, but you can also light up the bar itself. People can stand or sit around your bar and it can be lit up in golden hues that will make it easy for you to dim the lights and create a great, dark vibe in the room that will make people feel like they are out at the chicest spot in town.

Contact Amberlite today and relight your home right now.

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