Amberlite Faux Onyx

Transform and Enhance Your Indoor Spaces into Stunningly Beautiful Interiors with Amberlite Faux Onyx.

Man-made & coloured by hand, Amberlite Onyx is a naturally translucent man-made material offering remarkable design flexibility and the beauty of natural stone. Installed with specifically designed backlighting panels, it is ideal for creating spectacular interiors without the often restrictive weight & cost of real onyx.

Amberlite Faux Backlit Onyx 

Offering virtually limitless, restriction-free design possibilities, this fantastic material can be sculpted, cut or moulded; drilled or curved into almost any required shape or design.

Made from cross-linked acrylic/acrylic, PETG and similar modified high-performance resins, Faux Onyx is:

These properties, combined with design flexibility, superb translucent quality, light weight and cost-effectiveness, make Amberlite Onyx perfect for an extensive range of interior design applications. Enabling creation of practically any design, Faux Amberlite Onyx is a formidable material perfect for application to:

Amberlite Faux Onyx

The standard sheet size of this material is 2440 mm x 1220 mm. Upon request, we can also create other sizes. Standard sheet thicknesses consist of:

This fine material comes in an extensive range of patterns and colours. Finish options include:

Hard UV application of top coatings with enhanced non-porous, food-safe & scratch-resistant properties is an additional option.

LED Lighting Solutions

Amberlite Onyx can be combined with our LED Lighting Systems to create wow-factor interior designs without the restrictions often imposed by the sheer weight and cost of real stone. Specifically designed for installation with translucent faux stone, our low maintenance/power LED lighting systems:

Resolve common issues (like bright spots and/or heat generation) associated with various other lighting solutions

Provide sensational effects at low maintenance/running expenses

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