Amberlite Backlit Stone

Transform Your Interiors into Breathtakingly Beautiful Spaces with Amberlite Backlit Stone.

Combining the cost-effectiveness and superior design flexibility of man-made materials with the gorgeous appearance of natural stone, naturally translucent Amberlite Faux Stone is coloured by hand and looks simply fantastic when backlit.

Amberlite Faux Stone 

Offering virtually limitless design freedom, Amberlite Faux Stone panels can be sculpted, moulded, drilled, cut and curved into any desired panel design and shape.

Created using high-performance modified resins including acrylic, PETG and cross-linked acrylic, Amberlite Faux Stone is:

Combining these properties with its design flexibility, cost-effectiveness and excellent translucent quality, Amberlite Faux Stone is the ideal choice for an endless range of commercial and functional interior design applications.

Allowing creation of almost any curve, shape or design, this exquisite material is perfect for use on:

Amberlite Backlit Stone

Amberlite Stone panels are produced in standard sheet sizes of 2440 mm x 1220 mm. We can also produce other sizes on request. Standard sheet thicknesses include:

Amberlite Stone is available in onyx, marble and alabaster effects and finishes including:

Hard UV application of non-porous, food-safe & scratch-resistant top coatings is also available.

LED Lighting Solutions

Amberlite translucent stone panels can be combined with our LED back lighting panels to create stunning interiors with an outstanding wow-factor. Designed specifically for use with translucent stone panels, our LED back lighting systems:

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