Amberlite Backlit Alabaster

Transform Your Functional and Commercial Spaces into Spectacular Interiors with Amberlite Backlit Alabaster.

Produced using high-quality modified resins & cutting edge technology, Amberlite Alabaster is checked (pattern graining/accuracy) at each individual stage of production. Invariably stunning and providing virtually limitless design potential, Backlit Amberlite Alabaster is the quintessential answer to enhancing your interiors with the appearance of translucent natural stone without the usual weight/cost limitations.

Amberlite Backlit Alabaster

With Amberlite Alabaster, it is possible to achieve almost any conceivable shape/design by:

Extremely durable, non-porous & heat/scratch resistant, Faux Alabaster is also food-safe, making it the ideal material for countless applications within any commercial/functional setting.

Light-weight and delivering superior design flexibility combined with supreme translucency at competitive prices, Amberlite Faux Alabaster is ideal for adding a spectacular touch to:

Alabaster Panel Dimensions

Typical Amberlite Alabaster panels measure 2440 mm x /1220 mm in size. On request, we can also deliver customer specific sizes. Alabaster sheet thickness levels are:

Amberlite Alabaster comes in several beautiful patterns/colours & varying finishes (textured, smooth, polished & matt). Panels can, if required, be produced with non-porous (hard UV applied) coatings for increased scratch-resistance/food-safety.

LED Lighting Solutions

Amberlite Alabaster combines to beautiful perfection with low-power/maintenance LED panels for breath-taking interior designs at a fraction of the cost – and weight – of real alabaster. Our LED panels have no heat-generation/bright spot issues and deliver magnificent effects while keeping maintenance low & running costs minimal.

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